Hello, and welcome to 30 Minutes to Live!

This project has been swirling around in my head for several years now.  The basic idea:  how would people react to the end of the world?  I think most people would say they’d hug their loved ones and tell them how much they mean to them, and this is certainly true.  But what if you had no time to do that? What if you were separated from your loved ones?  What would you do if you were at the last place you wanted to be?  That interested me.  I wrote dozens of stories for this anthology, revising the length, format, and even the method of armageddon  over the last five years until I came to these 10 stories.  I’ll update the first Tuesday of each month with a new story by a new artist.

Note:  there is an order to these stories.  “Carol & Rita” is the intro story, and so it will always be on the main page.  Simply click “Next Story” to move forward, or select a story from the drop-down menu on the right.  Below is a list of the current stories and their release dates.

December 3, 2013:  “Carol & Rita” with Rachel Dukes
January 7, 2014:  “Overseas” with Tomasz Witas
February 4, 2014:  “Born on the Last Day on Earth” with Melanie Gillman
March 4, 2014:  “Ctrl + Alt + Del” with Lex Cornell
April 1, 2014:  “Homeless” with Mike Crosier
May 5, 2014:  “Spy vs. Spy” with Buci Szalontay
June 2, 2014:  “Goodnight, Tokyo” with Allie Kleber
July 7, 2014:  “Family” with Fabián Cobos
August 4, 2014:  “Prison” with Kay
September 1, 2014:  “Home” with Joyana McDiarmid

I hope you’ll enjoy each new story and come back for more!

-Greg Thelen